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Episode #54 we review the Big Finish releases for the month of March 2017.

Main Range #223 Zaltys.  Fourth Doctor Adventure 6.03 Silent Scream; 8th Doctor Doom Coalition Box Set 4; Jago & Litefoot Act 1 & 2 Short Tips with the Tenth Doctor; Charlotte Pollard Volume 2; Big Finish Classic: First Men on the Moon; and Pathfinders.

We have a discussion about the changes done to Spare Parts vinyl edition, which may or may not be correct.  Tweet us and/or the show if you have any information regarding that.

I end the show with giving a nod to the return of Mystery Science Theater 3000 series on Netflix (which I watched instead of listening to "The Silent Scream").  


Stay tuned for our next episode, #55, in which we review April 2017 Big Finish Doctor Who, DW Spin-Offs, and other audios, as well as the New Series of Doctor Who

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