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Episode 57 of the Doctor Who: Alhambra Podcast

Brett and Liam review the classic Doctor Who story, Earthshock, focusing mainly on the audio to see if this story is just as good if you don't have the visuals.  We do this because Liam is blind, and this is how he watches classic Doctor Who, as there currently isn't any audio description with any of the old series.

Episode Breakdown

Podcast Open (0.00 mark); Earthshock Preview and other discussion (1:35 mark); Classic series and Big Finish connections (7:02 mark); Next Podcast and Facebook Fan Page discussion (12:35 mark); Cybermen Talk (17:28 mark); Earthshock info and rankings (20:34 mark); Review of Episode 1 (22:03 mark); Review of Episode 2 (52:09 mark); Review of Episode 3 (1:05:46 mark); Review of Episode 4 (1:17:43 mark); Episode 5, Ranting, and Disclaimer (1:31:38 mark). 


Stay tuned for our next episode which could be the complete series 10 of the new series of Doctor Who,  Big Finish review for the month of June Doctor Who, DW Spin-Offs, and other audios.  


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