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Doctor Who: The Alhambra Podcast

The Doctor Who Alhambra Podcast: discussing, debating Doctor Who, science fiction and fantasy series. We react to Doctor Who and Big Finish productions, on-line forums. Also, we'll occasional focus on audio of classic Doctor Who stories, ignoring the special effects, to find out if the story is as strong or as weak as fans believe it to be.

Jul 11, 2019

Episode 105 continues the discussion of Fan Toxicity, which was looked at in episode 104, and initially in episode 93 in the Doctor Who: Alhambra Podcast. 

Before the toxic discussions, we talk on the recent news regarding Doctor Who, both classic and new series.  Then Liam and Humphrey relate their Big Finish Day gossip and experience, followed by the reviews of BF releases for the month of June 2019.  The show will end with a continuation on Fan Toxicity, with some nice Yoga De-toxifying and an amazing Humphrey sneeze to cleans us all.

The links to the YouTubers from the previous show, as well as Brett's blog post about Toxic Fandoms is still available below.

YouTubers "The Reel Rejects" Toxic Fandom YouTube Link

YouTuber "Council of Geeks" - When Opinions are Agendas - Toxic Fandom Part 2

Brett's Blog Post regarding the Toxic Fandom with linking Twitter thread

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