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Doctor Who: The Alhambra Podcast

The Doctor Who Alhambra Podcast: discussing, debating Doctor Who, science fiction and fantasy series. We react to Doctor Who and Big Finish productions, on-line forums. Also, we'll occasional focus on audio of classic Doctor Who stories, ignoring the special effects, to find out if the story is as strong or as weak as fans believe it to be.

Jul 4, 2016

Episode 38 of the Doctor Who: Alhambra Podcast

In this episode of the Alhambra Podcast, the trio of Brett (@Mavic_Chen) and Liam (@djNezumi) and Legeon (@legeonhenderson) reunite for a unique  and an amazingly fun podcast.  People were talked over, voices were loud, agreements were not made across the board, but we think you'll agree, this is a great episode of the Alhambra Podcast.

We start and stop the podcast with Doctor Who and Big Finish news, thanks to for the up to date DW news! We discuss the revealed titles and authors for series 10 of the new series of Doctor Who.  Then we discuss Adric's return for 2017 and the reveal of Big Finish's Novel Adaption of Cold Fusion, which will feature the 5th Doctor, Nyssa, Tegan, Adric, 7th Doctor, Chris Cwej, and Ross Forester.  We transition to possible adaptations like Lungbarrow, but continuity of the Virgin range is brought up.  So we use a segment of an interview from Gallifrey Stands Podcast. featuring the Doctor Squee and Paul Cornell. 


Thanks to @DoctorSquee for the use of his interview with Paul Cornell. The full episode can be found on the Gallifrey Stands Podcast on PodBeam.  Click the link to listen to the full episode of this fantastic podcast.


Once we finally get to the reviews (around minute 20 or so after our nice on and off topic discussion), we begin with the Big Finish Main Range release #213, The Two Masters, written by John Dorney and starring Geoffrey Beevers and Alex Macqueen as the Master, Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor.  Hijinks ensues during our reviews of the main range as well as the Fourth Doctor Adventure, #5.06, The Trouble With Drax. Next, we move onto the Companion Chronicles series 10, The Second Doctor Volume 1 box set, with four great stories featuring Ben, Polly, Jamie, Victoria, and Zoe.  We compare this release with the First Doctor release from last June.  From Doctor Who to the spin-offs, we first look at Torchwood #2.4, Moving Target, written by Guy Adams and starring Indira Varma as Suzie Costello, followed by Torchwood: Shutdown, starring Jemma Redgrave and Ingrid Oliver, featuring the writing of Matt Fitton and Andrew Smith.  Our non-Doctor Who reviews begin with Liam waxing poetic on Dark Shadows 50th Anniversary full cast audio Blood and Fire and the short story Echoes of the Past. We finish June's Big Finish releases by reviewing series 4 of the classic British TV program, Terry Nation's Survivors, Ken Bentley, Louise Jameson, Christopher Hatherall, and Matt Fitton, pen this amazing four part story, bringing us back to day one of the outbreak, with the point of view of the high class, Parliament and British Prime Minister, then a nice but odd utopian community.

We end with Legeon sharing his new audio love, Spiteful Puppet Productions.  He's previously mentioned the Hood range, however now shares his enjoyment of Robin of Sherwood: The Knights of the Apocalypse.

Stay tuned past the legal stuff to listen to a minute sample of Robin of Sherwood: The Knights of the Apocalypse. Here's a link to Spiteful Puppet productions.

Audio Only Review list - Spearhead from Space (recorded, post-production needed); The Web Planet (recorded, post-production needed); Dragonfire (to be recorded in July); The Power of Kroll (to be recorded in August); finally The Daemons (to be recorded in September).  Please stay tuned for those releases, and further releases when we focus merely on the strength of the story and storytelling, and ignore the visuals.


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