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Episode 20 of the Doctor Who: Alhambra Podcast has been recorded and is just awaiting post production to occur.


In episode 20 of the podcast we catch up with what each other has been watching and/or listening to since last we recorded.  Liam tells of his experiences in America. Next we look at the connections between some of the lost classic Doctor Who serials and a landfill in a New Mexico desert (audio segements came from ATARI: Game Over, a documentary made in 2014).

Once we hit the news, Liam shares his frustration with Disney and their lack of consideration towards Star Wars fans for what they'll be doing with the continuity established in the book series once episode VII comes out in December.  We discuss the news and future releases from Big Finish regarding Torchwood, Doom Coalistion, The Worlds of Big Finish (extreme crossover release) and it's potiential marketing sceme. 

When we get to the reviews we first finish discussing The Two Doctors classic story, focusing on audio only, but my explaining of what happened visually to add clarification to the story.  Next we discuss the Big Finish releases:

The Defectors - by Nick Briggs; Last of the Cybermen - by Alan Barnes; Death Match - by Matt Fitton; Suburban Hell - by Alan Barnes; The Well-Mannered War - by Gareth Roberts, adapted by John Dorney; Damaged Goods - by Russell T. Davies, adapted by Jonathan Morris.

We finish up the show reviewing Jago & Litefoot sereis 9, Blake's 7 Truth and Lies, and Terrahawks Vol. 1, before a quick Game of Thrones discussion to end episode 20.

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As we prepare to release episode 20 of the DoctorWho: Alhambra podcast, we release this mini episode to let you know we are still here!  

Here are the main points that'll be discussed in Episode 20 of the Doctor Who: Alhambra podcast.

The idea of looking in landfills to find missing episodes of the lost Classic Doctor Who series.

We look at what's new in the News as well as the up and coming releases for Big Finish. We'll argue about the "greatness" regarding the new Big Finish range set to be released in September 2015.

Next, we review and share our thoughts on the April and May releases from Big Finish, featuring: DW Main Range, 4th Doctor Adventures, DW Novel Adaptations, Jago & Litefoot, and Terrahawks.  Followed by a long discussion as to why I can't get past episode 2 of Terrahawks, and Liam defends its awesomeness and compares it (wrongly) to Red Dwarf.

Finally, we'll finish our look at The Two Doctors, without visuals.


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Episode 19 of the Doctor Who: Alhambra podcast begins with a quick discussion of what we've been watching or listening to since the last podcast.  

During the news segment we discuss DWM #285 celebration issue of Ten years of Doctor Who back on TV. Share thoughts of what we like and what we don't like, and Liam argues that perhaps Big Finish's Doctor Who releases were better than some of the TV stuff. Brett argues that it all went down hill when RTD left as it became more of a who's the companion compared to the Doctor's story, also perhaps Matt Smith's departure could have messed with Moffat's overall plan. From there we continue the saga discussion known as The State of Big Finish, as we again vent our frustrations with lack of discounts for the big supporters of many of their ranges, yet do crazy discount price reductions that give random guy a +50% discount on a large portion of their ranges.  Liam informs me about an American radio show featuring zombies, where which Brett randomly complains about the zombie genre.  We smoothly transition to Survivors Series 2 box set trailer release, to the 8th Doctor Doom Coalition release, as well as the great news of Big Finish retaining their Doctor Who license till the year 2020. 

As we turn our attention to the releases for the month of March, we discuss the last of the E-Space trilogy for the 5th Doctor main range, probably one of the best releases for this trilogy.  We discuss some of the releases you might need to listen to, #136 Cobwebs, #174 Prisoners of Fate also written by Jonathan Morris, who also penned #197 The Entrophy Plague (if you haven't purchased or listened to all of the main range releases once Big Finish reunited the crowded Tardis, these would be the ones you'd need to listen to in order to understand the timeline of Nyssa).  Then we get to discuss the 4th Doctor Adventures, and this release, 4.03 Requiem for the Rocket Men by John Dorney, is one of the first releases in which Liam and Brett have a difference of opinion regarding this range (the first one being 3.02 White Ghosts).  We finish off the podcast with Liam giving his thoughts on Blake's 7 Ghost Ship (February) and Devil's Advocate (March), and Vienna Series 2.

We finish the podcast reviewing the classic Doctor Who episode "The Two Doctors" as we see this show without seeing it.  Liam watches it in his normal way, and Brett watches it without the visual as we try to figure out if the story holds up, acting, plot, overall viewing pleasure without visuals.  We have some dynomite discussions as I share my frustrations with not being able to visually see it, as Liam asks questions regarding what is something actually like.  Although I haven't finished watching it visually or audioly, the Two Doctors is an amazing story, very strong and enjoyable.  Give it a watch without watching it and see if what it's like if you were unable to see this story.


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Fellow podcaster, Doctor Squee, and his faithful companion Dottie Who from the Gallifrey Stands Podcast, join us in our monthly review of Doctor Who and Big Finish for the month of February 2015.  This episode of Doctor Who: Alhambra is part two of a dual podcast crossover.  Part one of the podcast can be located on:



The Gallifrey Stands Podcast can be contacted by:



You can also like the Facebook page, just look for the logo with Dottie Who and Doctor Squee.

Doctor Squee

In the first ever crossover episode of The Doctor Who: Alhambra podcast, we get to know Doctor Squee and the Gallifrey Stands Podcast and find out what he watches, listens and reads.  Next, we look at the news associated with Doctor Who and Big Finish, and think about what could Big Finish produce next, if it wasn't UNIT Extinction.  Then we review the Big Finish releases for the month of February with a focus on Doctor Who as we get to know Doctor Squee's background when it comes to Big Finish.  Finally, we finish with a spoiler free discussion on March's release of the Eighth Doctor "Dark Eyes 4."

Next month we'll be looking at the March 2015 releases from Big Finish, look at the non-Doctor Who releases we skipped from February (Blake's 7, Dark Shadows, and Vienna Series 2). Of course there'll be the occational rant and new news we get in the Whoniverse and other Sci-Fi series.


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Episode 17 starts out with us talking about what we've been watching and listening to since last podcast.  From there we move on to Doctor Who and Big Finish news. Next, we look at "The State of Big Finish," where we look at their growth from 2013 to present. We do vent some frustration and annoyances with the lack of communication Big Finish has with their subscribers, but we do keep in mind that Big Finish does produce high quality audio dramas and we eagerly anticipate each month's release. 

Then, we review the Main Range release 195 Mistfall, the first part of the 5th Doctor E-Space Trilogy.  From there we move to the Tom Baker release beginning with the 4th Doctor Adventure, The Exxilons, then transition to the Novalizations, The English Way of Death and Romance of Crime.  We acknowledge the Short Trips "Flywheel Revolution" and The Avengers Vol 3 release, but have no review at this time.  Liam finishes off with his thoughts on Blake's 7 full cast, Mindset, and the last Pathfinders Legend story for series 1.  Cam tries to make sense of some of the Pathfinders as well as the Dark Shadows - Bloodlush ranges.

The show finishes off with the audio only review of the Sixth Doctor classic story, Mindwarp, and the tie-ins with Antidote of Oblivian, Peri and the Piscon Paradox, The Widow's Assassin, and The Rani's Elite (spoilers may occur if you haven't listened to any of those stories).

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In our final podcast for the year of 2014 we finish our first year of podcasting with part 1 of a two part podcast.

Part One:

We discuss the Doctor Who and Big Finish news from December till early January.  We look at the Doctor Who, UNIT and Derrick Sherwin unhappiness, as Liam relates his Whoverville Interview and the DWM interview (DWM #479, p. 54-60). Then a quick discussion of The British Film Institute survey of the Best Sci-Fi characters of all-time, and the DW related names.  We then finish off with some of the new Big Finish announcement regarding future releases.

Once we get to the reviews, we look at the 2014 releases for Big Finish: The Rani Elite (MR #194), An Ordinary Life (EA. #1.4), The Highest Science (Novel Adaption #2), Blake's 7 Fortuitas (2.2), Survivors Audio Book, The Judgement of Sherlock Holmes (Box Set 4).  We then finish off with Doctor Who TV series Christmas Special "Last Christmas."

During our discussion we rant, complain, and have an odd discussion regarding what Anglophiles do to Brits in their American neighborhood.  References to the Inbetweeners 2 movie, Misfits, and other fun stuff are intertwined in this joyous romp of a podcast


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In Episode 15th, Liam and Cam look back at the Doctor Who and Big Finish releases during the 2013.  We review and discuss if these BF audio and in the TV new series of Doctor Who properly represent and celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who.  We try our best to look at the year as a whole and work hard to not let what we know of 2014 influence our opinions.  Rants and off topic conversations occur, but a fun time was had by the both of us during this podcast.


Due to some Christmas holiday/family obligations, some of the podcast does have background noise that couldn't be helped.  I tried to clean it up as best as I could, apologies for the bits that couldn't be fixed.

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Part 2 of the November 2014 Doctor Who Alhambra podcast starts with a review of the Blake's 7 Liberator Chronicles Box Set 10 and the first episode of the second season of the Blake's 7 Full Cast audio.

Then we review the last 3 episodes of Series 8 of Doctor Who, go into some of the holes and pitfalls that ended the 8th sereis.  Starting off with In the Forest of the Night, Dark Water, and Death of Heaven.

Finally we end with Liam's recorders of the Whooverville 6 interviews. These recordings can be found at minute mark 42:00. 

Next month we will have two podcasts:

1st we'll be reviewing the Doctor Who and Big Finish releases for 2013.

2nd we'll have a review of the Big Finish releases for the month of December 2014.

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Episode 14A of the Doctor Who: Alhambra podcast begins with discussing the news associated with Doctor Who and Big Finish.  Next, Liam reviews Big Finish's Frankenstein release.  We then transition to the main range releases The Widow's Assassin and Masters of Earth. Then we move on to the Early Adventure: The Bounty of Ceres and Dark Eyes 3.  We conclude part 1 of the podcast by reviewing Confessions of Dorian Gray Series 3.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the Doctor Who: Alhambra podcast, were we will finish reviewing the November Big Finish releases, Blake's 7 Full Cast and Liberator Chronicles Box set 10.  Finishing up with our spoiler filled review of Doctor Who Series 8 episodes "In the Forest of the Night," "Dark Water," and "Death in Heaven."


Also featured in part 2 of the podcast will contain the interviews Liam obtained during his attendence of the Whoverville convention in October. 

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The 13th episode of the Doctor Who: Alhambra podcast, we discuss the news of Colin Baker's new companion for the next 6th Doctor main range release. Have a discussion of the new Doctor Who book, Engines of War, which features the War Doctor. 

Sadly as of the recording of this episode, 25th of October, the Main Range release The Widows Assassin hadn't been release, so no review on that until November. We discuss the Early Adventure story "The Doctor's Tale."  Before we get into The Worlds of Doctor Who box set, we get distracted by some on-line community blind allegiance to only the Steven Moffat era of the New Who.  We discuss why the Sherlock episode length format could work better in the new series of Doctor Who.  Finally, after a rant that could have been go on even longer, but we got railed in (luckily).

Next we move on to series 8 of Jago and Litefoot, which I cannot stop talking about one of my least favorite episode ever, and Liam trying to convince me otherwise. It leads to an impromptu ranking of the Doctor Who Big Finish audio musicals (Doctor Who and the Pirates, The Scorchies, and Encoure of the Scorchies).  After hitting each of the series 8 Jago and Litefoot stories, we move on to the whole reason why we started this podcast, discussing what Doctor Who is like for those who aren't able to visually watch it. My findings of purely listening to it was interesting and I appreciated Liam's perspective and his understanding of perhaps some insensative wording (I did stumble over my wording a lot during the segment, because I'd hate to offend anyone).

We end the podcast by reviewing, with spoilers, the new series of Doctor Who stories: Kill the Moon, Mummy on the Orient Express, and Flatline.

Stay tuned for our next audio only story, as we've yet to select one, but it will be determined soon!

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