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Part 2 of the November 2014 Doctor Who Alhambra podcast starts with a review of the Blake's 7 Liberator Chronicles Box Set 10 and the first episode of the second season of the Blake's 7 Full Cast audio.

Then we review the last 3 episodes of Series 8 of Doctor Who, go into some of the holes and pitfalls that ended the 8th sereis.  Starting off with In the Forest of the Night, Dark Water, and Death of Heaven.

Finally we end with Liam's recorders of the Whooverville 6 interviews. These recordings can be found at minute mark 42:00. 

Next month we will have two podcasts:

1st we'll be reviewing the Doctor Who and Big Finish releases for 2013.

2nd we'll have a review of the Big Finish releases for the month of December 2014.

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Episode 14A of the Doctor Who: Alhambra podcast begins with discussing the news associated with Doctor Who and Big Finish.  Next, Liam reviews Big Finish's Frankenstein release.  We then transition to the main range releases The Widow's Assassin and Masters of Earth. Then we move on to the Early Adventure: The Bounty of Ceres and Dark Eyes 3.  We conclude part 1 of the podcast by reviewing Confessions of Dorian Gray Series 3.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the Doctor Who: Alhambra podcast, were we will finish reviewing the November Big Finish releases, Blake's 7 Full Cast and Liberator Chronicles Box set 10.  Finishing up with our spoiler filled review of Doctor Who Series 8 episodes "In the Forest of the Night," "Dark Water," and "Death in Heaven."


Also featured in part 2 of the podcast will contain the interviews Liam obtained during his attendence of the Whoverville convention in October. 

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The 13th episode of the Doctor Who: Alhambra podcast, we discuss the news of Colin Baker's new companion for the next 6th Doctor main range release. Have a discussion of the new Doctor Who book, Engines of War, which features the War Doctor. 

Sadly as of the recording of this episode, 25th of October, the Main Range release The Widows Assassin hadn't been release, so no review on that until November. We discuss the Early Adventure story "The Doctor's Tale."  Before we get into The Worlds of Doctor Who box set, we get distracted by some on-line community blind allegiance to only the Steven Moffat era of the New Who.  We discuss why the Sherlock episode length format could work better in the new series of Doctor Who.  Finally, after a rant that could have been go on even longer, but we got railed in (luckily).

Next we move on to series 8 of Jago and Litefoot, which I cannot stop talking about one of my least favorite episode ever, and Liam trying to convince me otherwise. It leads to an impromptu ranking of the Doctor Who Big Finish audio musicals (Doctor Who and the Pirates, The Scorchies, and Encoure of the Scorchies).  After hitting each of the series 8 Jago and Litefoot stories, we move on to the whole reason why we started this podcast, discussing what Doctor Who is like for those who aren't able to visually watch it. My findings of purely listening to it was interesting and I appreciated Liam's perspective and his understanding of perhaps some insensative wording (I did stumble over my wording a lot during the segment, because I'd hate to offend anyone).

We end the podcast by reviewing, with spoilers, the new series of Doctor Who stories: Kill the Moon, Mummy on the Orient Express, and Flatline.

Stay tuned for our next audio only story, as we've yet to select one, but it will be determined soon!

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In this episode of the Doctor Who: Alhambra podcast, we discuss the recent passing Maggie Stables, one of the great actresses to be apart of the Big Finish family, playing the part of one of the greatest companion, Evelyn Smythe.  We have a quick discussion on the best Maggie Stables Doctor Who releases.

Next, Liam reviews episode 4 in the Rise of the Runelords range "Fortress of the Stone Giants."  Then we both discuss the Tom Baker at 80 Big Finish interview and move to the Night of the Triffids release with some discussions connecting this release with the original release Day of the Triffids.  Finally, we have a quick discussion regarding the audio book release of The Omega Factor, read by Louise Jamieson.  

We finish the podcast off with a review of series 8 of Doctor Who, focusing on "Time Heist" and "The Caretaker."

For the month of October we'll do the Talons of Weng-Chiang review with the additional October Big Finish releases.

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In episode 11 of the Doctor Who: Alhambra podcast, we briefly discuss the new Doctor Who book releases before we take a look into the Doctor Who universe.  We review the main range releases 190 Mask of Tragedy and 191 Signs and Wonders which is the second and third releases in the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Hector trilogy storyline. The  Philip Hinchcliffe Presents boxed set stories: The Ghosts of Gralstead (Six episodes) and The Devil's Armada (Four episodes).  We finish the Big Finish reviews talking about The Early Adventure story: Domain of the Voord, which we feel was the strongest most enjoyable Doctor Who Big Finish release for the month of September.  We throw in some of our silly opinions and some rants with some information Liam obtained from the latest Doctor Who convention.

Next we discuss the first 4 episodes from series 8 of the new Doctor Who TV series. We cover our likes and dislikes and provide logical reasons for these opinions regarding Deep Breath, Into the Dalek, Robots of Sherwood, and Listen.  We throw in connections between Vincent and the Doctor and Hush to Listen, and complain about Danny Pink needing to be in the series, and the Darkness of the 12th Doctor.

Later this month we will be reviewing the rest of the Big Finish, non-Doctor Who releases to close off the month of September.  Next month we will review Worlds of Doctor Who, even though it was released in September, it was announced for October, then as there was just a numerous amounts of Big Finish releases in September, we decided to keep it with the October Reviews.

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In this month's Doctor Who Alhambra, Liam returns from his two month holiday to review the June and July releases that he missed.  We talk and discuss the DWM episode rankings.  Throw in some additional sci-fi and fantasy talk, then finish off with reviewing the Big Finish releases from August 2014.  


Here's a list of the Blake's 7 chronological placement

This is my current list of Big Finish B7 (excluding Liberator Chronicles 9, which are presumably set in Season C, given the cast lists). Will update the main file at some point this month (lots to listen too!)

B7A01 The Way Back
B7A02 Space Fall
B7A03 Cygnus Alpha
B7A04 Time Squad
B7A05 The Web
B7A06 Seek-Locate-Destroy
B7A07 Mission To Destiny
B7A08 Duel
B7A09 Project Avalon
B7A09A The Turing Test
B7A09B Solitary
B7A09C Counterfeit
B7A09D Promises
B7A09E Epitaph
B7A09F Kerr
B7A09G Disorder
B7A09H The Hard Road
B7A10 Breakdown
B7A11 Bounty
B7A12 Deliverance
B7A13 Orac

B7B01 Redemption
B7B01A Spy
B7B02 Shadow
B7B03 Weapon
B7B04 Horizon
B7B05 Pressure Point
B7B05A Wolf
B7B06 Trial
B7B06A Logic
B7B06B Risk Management
B7B06C Three
B7B06D President
B7B06E The Sea of Iron
B7B06F Spoils
B7B07 Killer
B7B08 Hostage
B7B09 Countdown
B7B09A The Magnificent Four
B7B10 Voice From the Past
B7B10A False Positive
B7B10B Fractures
B7B10C Battleground
B7B10D Drones
B7B10E Mirror
B7B10F Cold Fury
B7B10G Caged
B7B11 Gambit
B7B12 The Keeper
B7B13 Star One
B7B13A Warship

B7C01 Aftermath
B7C02 Powerplay
B7C03 Volcano
B7C03A Incentive
B7C04 Dawn of the Gods
B7C05 The Harvest of Kairos
B7C06 City at the Edge of the World
B7C07 Children of Auron
B7C08 Rumours of Death
B7C09 Sarcophagus
B7C10 Ultraworld
B7C11 Moloch
B7C12 Death-Watch
B7C12A The Armageddon Storm
B7C13 Terminal

B7D01 Rescue
B7D02 Power
B7D03 Traitor
B7D04 Stardrive
B7D05 Animals
B7D06 Headhunter
B7D07 Assassin
B7D08 Games
B7D09 Sand
B7D10 Gold
B7D10A The Sevenfold Crown
B7D10B The Syndeton Experiment
B7D10C Jenna's Story
B7D10D Blake's Story
B7D11 Orbit
B7D12 Warlord
B7D13 Blake

B7E01 Lucifer
B7E02 Lucifer: Revelation

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This months podcast has us focus on the Big Finish releases for the month of July.  However, since we only got through the first 2 stories from Survivors Box Set 1, we finished the third and fourth reviews on this podcast.  I take a brief moment to discuss my disappointments I have with the Pathfinders range.  Briefly look at the Counter-Measures Box Set 3 release, until we look at the 4ith Doctor Adventure story "The Abandoned" written by Nigel Fairs and Louise Jameson, and the spoof take I had due to the confusion I found with the first part of this story (perhaps I used the oddity that is Number Wang too much in my spoof, but hey, what ever).  I finish off be looking at the four short story main range release "Breaking Bubbles and Other Stories."

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This month we look at the new news regarding season 8 of the new series of Doctor Who.  We discuss the Big Finish releases for June 2014 which include: Blake's 7 Full Cast, Survivors Box Set 1, Doctor Who Main Range, last Companion Chronicle, 4th Doctor Adventure, and The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield.

Trying to get further into the Doctor Who univierse, we will reviewing a Doctor Who or Sci-Fi book each month in a segment called "Doc's Books."  This month I take a brief look at the Third Doctor book "Harvest of Time" by Alastair Reynolds.

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