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Doctor Who: The Alhambra Podcast

The Doctor Who Alhambra Podcast: discussing, debating Doctor Who, science fiction and fantasy series. We react to Doctor Who and Big Finish productions, on-line forums. Also, we'll occasional focus on audio of classic Doctor Who stories, ignoring the special effects, to find out if the story is as strong or as weak as fans believe it to be.

Nov 5, 2016

Episode 43 of the Doctor Who: Alhambra Podcast

In this episode of the Alhambra Podcast, the trio of Brett (@Mavic_Chen) and Liam (@djNezumi) and Legeon (@legeonhenderson) reunite and bring an enjoyable hour (or more) discussion and sci-fi silliness for the month of October 2016.

Starting off with the news! 

We are not reviewing Doctor Who - CLASS until it is released visually on BBC America, which will be around January 2017.  We discussed the release of Doctor Who CLASS three book release by BBC books.  

Talking points:  " If you could only one choice one boxed set "Doom Coalition" or "War Doctor" or other boxed set series, what would it be and why? 

I read a transcript from Whooverville 8 panel interview, from the Pubcast and Tin-Dog Podcast.  Here is the transcript that I made and read on the podcast.  It's not exact word-for-word.  

Question from the Pubcast: “Is there anything you would have liked to do on Doctor Who that you weren’t able to do?”

Eric Seyward: “I would have like to have a female companion a little bit tougher, a little bit more real, to contribute a little bit more.  Tegan and Nyssa became redundant, it was difficult to fit them into stories.  Tegan spent most of her time moaning, and Nyssa looking aloof and whatever.  We had so many of them, Turlough, so three of them at one stage. With the exception of Turlough, they really couldn’t contribute massively, because when you are driving around in deep space in a TARDIS.  Tegan is from 1980 Earth, and she couldn’t really contribute, because whenever they arrived somewhere she has to ask questions, and it makes her boring.  But I would have liked to have had fewer companion, if you had a female one, certainly one that is stronger more positive contribution. I probably would have chosen one from deep space, where should would have the sort of knowledge that could compete with the Doctor.


Minute 22:57

The Tin Dog Podcast: I loved the Terileptil (from The Visitation) have you ever approached or have been approached by Big Finish, to say “can we have them on this, because it’s a lot cheaper with make-up?  Because I think as a race, they would really have legs on audio

Eric Seyward: Big Finish, they’ve never approached me for anything.  It would make them more interesting.

The Tin Dog Podcast: You seem to have a whole world building thing with them, rather than having them as the Villain of the Week.  They had a society and they built beautiful things like androids.  It sounds like there was more thought put in them than other...

Eric Seyward: - Goes into the backstory of the Terileptil

(However) The Tin Dog goes onto ask Eric Seyward about the story of The Visitation, noting that this story was the one selected as the story for the book “The Making of Doctor Who.” By the way The Tin Dog asked this question, you can tell this is a special story to Michael, and wants to know more, saying that fans didn’t have access to much Doctor Who content, so when it came out it was loved and cherished. The Visitation was the concentrated storyline in “The Making of Doctor Who” book.  Yet Eric Seyward goes onto crap on The Tin Dog’s question/reference, saying The Visitation wasn’t a special story, it just happened to be the one that was in production at the time.  

One positive from the podcast was the Pubcast and Tin-Dog podcast panel interview, where Sophie Aldread's Go Fund Me project: “Strangeness in Space” a free podcast radio drama. or on iTunes.

Thanks to for the up to date DW news!

Before we hit the Big Finish reviews, let’s look at some of the news

On to the reviews for October 2016 from Big Finish

Main Range #217: The Memory Band and Other Stories, featuring the Fifth Doctor and Turlough, stories The Memory Box by Chris Chapman, Paul Magrs, Edie Robson, and Ian Potter.

Doctor Who: The Early Adventures #3.2 The Fifth Traveller, by Philip Lawrence

Early Adventures: The Age of Endurance, by Nick WallaceCarole Ann Ford (Susan), William Russell (Ian/the Doctor), Jemma Powell (Barbara)

The War Doctor Vol. #3 Agents of Chaos

  1. The Shadow Vortex by David Llewellyn
  2. The Eternity Cage by Andrew Smith
  3. Eye of Harmony by Ken Bentley

Doctor Who Spin-Off:

Torchwood Special Release - The Torchwood Archive, by James Goss

Jago & Litefoot Series 12 was not reviewed this month, we'll hit that in November.


Non-Doctor Who release:

The Confessions of Dorian Gray Series 5, also not reviewed until November.



We have

The Power of Kroll is in the can, will be publish in November.  


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